Vegan cookbook writers beware! Any new vegan cookbook will have a tough time surpassing Vegan for EverybodyAmerica’s Test Kitchen cookbooks are so thorough, their recipes so well tested by a large professional staff that they satisfy most cooks’ needs for a cookbook on a given subject. This vegan cookbook is no exception. It starts with a thorough, lengthy discussion on vegan cooking and ingredients, such as grain-cooking charts, flavor-booster ingredients, and vegan substitutes in traditional non-vegan recipes. The recipes are listed in order of the meal, and each chapter is preceded with a list of recipes for the cook’s convenience. A detailed head note called “Why This Recipe Works” gives information on how they developed the recipe and provides the hows and whys of the food science of that recipe. “Testing Notes and Variations” are also added following many the recipes. At the end of the cookbook, the authors provide complete nutritional information on every recipe. Many recipes are new creations, while others are translated from traditional into vegan variations (Spaghetti and Meatless Meatballs, Tofu Pad Thai). Beginner cooks may be intimidated by the occasionally long list of ingredients, yet the recipes are not hard to reproduce. Most ingredients are easy to find.

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