If you only want one vegan cookbook, Jessica Prescott’s Vegan Goodness is a good choice. In a medium-format hardcover, Prescott illustrates her cookbook with her own photos, and they are outstanding, filling a good part of the pages and illustrating nearly every recipe. Vegan cooking is not the easiest to do in the kitchen with the expectation of full flavor, but Prescott’s recipes are very good, and she offers huge varieties. Her recipe writing is easy to follow, and the recipe ingredients should be readily available in any market carrying a good stock of vegan ingredients (occasionally you may have to scramble to find such things as canned jackfruit in brine). A disadvantage to American cooks is the measurements, which are in metric. Though American units are given in parentheses, they often come out in fractions. With friendly writing, the headnotes are good to read, as are the occasional remarks below the recipes. Variations are given for many recipes. These are not easy recipes, but the average home cook can make them without problems. Typical recipes are Pea and Potato Dumplings; Rollatini; and Holy Sh*t Cake. Recipe layout is generally good but longer recipes inconveniently roll overleaf. Index is nicely cross-referenced.


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