If you read What the Health, you are not going to eat again. Our foods are filled with carcinogens, toxins, poisonous material and some even with radioactive traces. You will either starve to death or start a vegan diet, a slightly better alternative. K. Andersen and K. Kuhn, author of this large volume, have nothing but criticism on all of our non-plant origin food sources. The book is pure text of almost two-hundred pages except for recipe illustrations. Whom did they visualize as readership? Very few, if any, would plow through from cover to cover of many, many interviews, hundreds of extensive quotes and fine details with statistics, tables, numbers, all proving the toxicity of our foods from dairy and eggs though meats and seafood. The book includes fifty pages of notes no one will read. The writing is good and based on thorough research but far too detailed with much repetitions. And all negative. A brief chapter-end summary would’ve helped. The authors end with recipes over a hundred pages, all vegan. They are nothing eye-catching, you’ll find similar recipes in any good vegan cookbook.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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