Women in the Kitchen highlights women throughout time who have contributed to the success of cooking and making a positive name for women. Anne Willan, an award-winning author and founder of La Varenne Cooking School, and a collector of vintage cookbooks, writes of twelve women who helped create the vast success of the cooking industry. From Hannah Woolley’s success in England in 1661 to Alice Water’s success in America around the 1970s, each of the twelve women brought something new and innovative to the table. After each woman’s life is detailed, a select number of her recipes are included at the end of the chapter to showcase their skills as well as the evolution of cooking.
Reading about these women is fascinating, especially the women who lived so long ago and had to fight harder than we do now to make their name in society next to men. I admire each of them, as well as Willan for writing a book that is so easy to follow and grabs your attention so quickly. It is amazing to think about the changes that cooking has made over the years, but Women in the Kitchen show that it is all for the better.

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